About Alphalerts


I'm Daniel, one of the Cofounders of Alphalerts. I've been investing and trading for a few years now. One thing that I've always missed was a service that allowed me to easily set up alerts for all kinds of financial events. For now, I've started with options and a few special KPIs (such as equity put/call ratio).

The platform is supposed to be as nerdy as possible, i.e. advanced users should have as much freedom as possible to work with it. This may make it a bit more difficult for newbies, but for that I hope to build up a large knowledge base so that they can learn.

As for me, I just finished my Masters degree in Computer Science. I've been working for nearly 5 years with big data in the Telecommunications domain at Axiros. Since financial data, especially options data, tends to be rather large, some considerations for database and architecture design of the backend should be made. This experience at Axiros surely helped me in making sure the backend works well.

I've also been working with financial APIs for quite a while now, since I like to quantitatively evaluate some of my trading ideas.

Through my university, I had the chance to do a few research projects, which gave me deeper knowledge in Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Quantum Annealing. We even got a publication out of it! For anyone interested in some deeper technology topics, check out my blog.
I also run a one-man consultancy, where I outsource teaching/workshop, research and development for hire, and deep technological blogging for hire. Last but not least, here's my LinkedIn.

I hope to bring you a lot value with Alphalerts!
For feedback, check this page.

Best regards,