ETF constituents for EWGS

Below, a list of constituents for EWGS (iShares MSCI Germany Small-Cap ETF) is shown. In total, EWGS consists of 130 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
RHM RHEINMETALL AG Industrials Equity 1168109.46 3.42
SDF K+S AG Materials Equity 1060952.98 3.11
EVD CTS EVENTIM AG Communication Equity 952930.19 2.79
EVT EVOTEC Health Care Equity 908953.77 2.66
TKA THYSSENKRUPP AG Materials Equity 884838.2 2.59
TEG TAG IMMOBILIEN AG Real Estate Equity 861932.27 2.52
BOSS HUGO BOSS N AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 854917.33 2.5
NDA AURUBIS AG Materials Equity 826512.84 2.42
FNTN FREENET AG Communication Equity 785026.22 2.3
BFSA BEFESA SA Industrials Equity 650805.72 1.91
FRA FRAPORT FRANKFURT AIRPORT SERVICES Industrials Equity 588939.08 1.73
TMV TEAMVIEWER AG Information Technology Equity 575608.79 1.69
GXI GERRESHEIMER AG Health Care Equity 547081.09 1.6
GYC GRAND CITY PROPERTIES SA Real Estate Equity 533004.95 1.56
AIXA AIXTRON Information Technology Equity 531010.25 1.56
PSM PROSIEBEN SAT.1 MEDIA N Communication Equity 520900.33 1.53
WCH WACKER CHEMIE AG Materials Equity 514100.08 1.51
COK CANCOM Information Technology Equity 506301.6 1.48
SIX2 SIXT Industrials Equity 498558.04 1.46
SAX STROEER SE Communication Equity 495973.59 1.45
SOW SOFTWARE AG Information Technology Equity 455418.82 1.33
DUE DUERR AG Industrials Equity 447112.2 1.31
WAF SILTRONIC N AG Information Technology Equity 434000.66 1.27
ARL AAREAL BANK AG Financials Equity 432871.72 1.27
VAR1 VARTA AG Industrials Equity 419311.21 1.23
JUN3 JUNGHEINRICH PREF AG Industrials Equity 416623.03 1.22
JEN JENOPTIK N AG Information Technology Equity 404851.55 1.19
NDX1 NORDEX Industrials Equity 383636.79 1.12
PBB DEUTSCHE PFANDBRIEFBANK AG Financials Equity 360449.25 1.06
FIE FIELMANN AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 360046.25 1.05
STM STABILUS SA Industrials Equity 354533.65 1.04
HOT HOCHTIEF AG Industrials Equity 348956.31 1.02
ECV ENCAVIS AG Utilities Equity 347258.97 1.02
COP COMPUGROUP MEDICAL N Health Care Equity 345545.82 1.01
SZG SALZGITTER AG Materials Equity 329567.44 0.97
SIX3 SIXT PREF Industrials Equity 327921.24 0.96
HYQ HYPOPORT N Financials Equity 327073.68 0.96
DMP DERMAPHARM HOLDING Health Care Equity 318232.72 0.93
KRN KRONES AG Industrials Equity 303926.5 0.89
SAE SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE NV Consumer Staples Equity 299921.13 0.88
B4B METRO AG Consumer Staples Equity 298122.8 0.87
HBH HORNBACH HOLDING AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 297426.2 0.87
NA9 NAGARRO N Information Technology Equity 290908.95 0.85
NOEJ NORMA GROUP Industrials Equity 256199.93 0.75
EUZ ECKERT & ZIEGLER STRAHLEN UND MEDI Health Care Equity 249252.01 0.73
GBF BILFINGER Industrials Equity 248928.7 0.73
1U1 1&1 AG Communication Equity 246619.17 0.72
ADJ ADO PROPERTIES Real Estate Equity 241390.95 0.71
VTSC VITESCO TECHNOLOGIES GROUP N AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 235721.88 0.69
SZU SUEDZUCKER AG Consumer Staples Equity 226616.55 0.66
SBS STRATEC Health Care Equity 222029.71 0.65
PAT PATRIZIA AG Real Estate Equity 218341.95 0.64
DEQ DEUTSCHE EUROSHOP AG Real Estate Equity 216886.12 0.64
AAD AMADEUS FIRE AG Industrials Equity 216406.03 0.63
KCO KLOECKNER & CO Industrials Equity 213564.35 0.63
MOR MORPHOSYS AG Health Care Equity 213060.18 0.62
SYAB SYNLAB AG Health Care Equity 211457.46 0.62
AR4 AURELIUS Financials Equity 206039.78 0.6
SHA SCHAEFFLER PREF AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 204403.55 0.6
INS INSTONE REAL ESTATE GROUP Real Estate Equity 204047.04 0.6
KWS KWS SAAT Consumer Staples Equity 199095.97 0.58
SANT S&T AG Information Technology Equity 186163.46 0.55
GLJ GRENKE N AG Financials Equity 184619.46 0.54
GFT GFT TECHNOLOGIES Information Technology Equity 178424.49 0.52
PFV PFEIFFER VACUUM TECHNOLOGY AG Industrials Equity 178387.7 0.52
HAB HAMBORNER REIT AG Real Estate Equity 176986.28 0.52
AOF ATOSS SOFTWARE AG Information Technology Equity 175436.05 0.51
WAC WACKER NEUSON N Industrials Equity 175121.52 0.51
ADVV ADVA OPTICAL NETWORKING V Information Technology Equity 174785.99 0.51
DIC DIC ASSET AG Real Estate Equity 171375.43 0.5
HDD HEIDELBERGER DRUCKMASCHINEN AG Industrials Equity 164065.91 0.48
HAG HENSOLDT AG Industrials Equity 158503.78 0.46
DEZ DEUTZ AG Industrials Equity 158287.83 0.46
FTK FLATEXDEGIRO N AG Financials Equity 157546.31 0.46
INH INDUS HOLDING AG Industrials Equity 154686.49 0.45
JST JOST WERKE AG Industrials Equity 153859.66 0.45
ADN1 ADESSO K Information Technology Equity 149372.16 0.44
CEC CECONOMY AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 148367.69 0.43
CWC CEWE STIFTUNG Industrials Equity 145828.02 0.43
TIMA ZEAL NETWORK N Consumer Discretionary Equity 140866.73 0.41
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 140173.77 0.41
HHFA HAMBURGER HAFEN UND LOGISTIK AG Industrials Equity 138625.63 0.41
STO3 STO PREF Materials Equity 136715.54 0.4
ELG ELMOS SEMICONDUCTOR Information Technology Equity 135076.67 0.4
TTK TAKKT AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 133659.63 0.39
ST5 STEICO Industrials Equity 132159.35 0.39
SFQ SAF-HOLLAND Consumer Discretionary Equity 129706.69 0.38
YOU ABOUT YOU HOLDING Consumer Discretionary Equity 125738.68 0.37
BYW6 BAYWA AG Industrials Equity 123669.65 0.36
MLP MLP Financials Equity 122732.55 0.36
TPE PVA TEPLA AG Information Technology Equity 121990.88 0.36
DBAN DEUTSCHE BETEILIGUNGS AG Financials Equity 118034.85 0.35
NWO NEW WORK N Communication Equity 117550.56 0.34
DRW3 DRAEGERWERK PREF AG Health Care Equity 112993.24 0.33
WUW WUESTENROT & WUERTTEMBERGISCHE AG Financials Equity 108314.51 0.32
BSL BASLER AG Information Technology Equity 106073.35 0.31
ILM1 MEDIOS AG Health Care Equity 101664.09 0.3
EKT ENERGIEKONTOR AG Industrials Equity 99800.94 0.29
nan HORNBACH-BAUMARKT ACCEPTANCE SHARE Materials Equity 99617.56 0.29
LPK LPKF LASER & ELECTRONICS AG Information Technology Equity 96259.24 0.28
YSN SECUNET SECURITY AG Information Technology Equity 94573.47 0.28
VOS VOSSLOH AG Industrials Equity 93156.44 0.27
D6H DATAGROUP Information Technology Equity 92923.82 0.27
SGL SGL CARBON Industrials Equity 87721.19 0.26
SKB KOENIG & BAUER AG Industrials Equity 83699.53 0.25
BVB BORUSSIA DORTMUND Communication Equity 83203.85 0.24
M8G MEDIA AND GAMES INVEST Communication Equity 81806.0 0.24
EIN3 EINHELL GERMANY PREF AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 81621.22 0.24
CE2 CROPENERGIES AG Energy Equity 81532.04 0.24
S92 SMA SOLAR TECHNOLOGY AG Information Technology Equity 81350.03 0.24
PNE3 PNE AG Industrials Equity 79051.66 0.23
NB2 NORTHERN DATA AG Information Technology Equity 74686.08 0.22
BDT BERTRANDT AG Industrials Equity 71457.19 0.21
ZIL2 ELRINGKLINGER AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 71430.53 0.21
MBB MBB Industrials Equity 63120.41 0.18
CCAP CORESTATE CAPITAL HOLDING SA Real Estate Equity 58383.18 0.17
GFG GLOBAL FASHION GROUP SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 56981.76 0.17
H24 HOME24 Consumer Discretionary Equity 52235.8 0.15
BIKE BIKE24 HOLDING AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 51968.11 0.15
WEW WESTWING GROUP AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 51602.92 0.15
OHB OHB Industrials Equity 44276.12 0.13
MRX MISTER SPEX Consumer Discretionary Equity 38552.8 0.11
DRW8 DRAEGERWERK AG SHS Health Care Equity 36360.28 0.11
WFFUT CASH COLLATERAL EUR WFFUT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 23339.4 0.07
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 9999.99 0.03
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 8.78 0.0
VGH2 EURO STOXX 50 MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -4028.18 -0.01
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