ETF constituents for EWZS

Below, a list of constituents for EWZS (iShares MSCI Brazil Small-Cap ETF) is shown. In total, EWZS consists of 107 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
PRIO3 PETRO RIO SA Energy Equity 4852330.32 4.31
EMBR3 EMBRAER SA Industrials Equity 3896346.27 3.46
ASAI3 SENDAS DISTRIBUIDORA SA Consumer Staples Equity 3471045.26 3.08
SULA11 SUL AMERICA UNITS SA Financials Equity 3378055.19 3.0
ENEV3 ENEVA SA Utilities Equity 2995501.47 2.66
MRFG3 MARFRIG FRIGORIFICOS SA Consumer Staples Equity 2771204.36 2.46
LCAM3 COMPANHIA DE LOCACAO DAS AMERICAS Industrials Equity 2711287.2 2.41
BRML3 BR MALLS PARTICIPACOES SA Real Estate Equity 2691766.83 2.39
TAEE11 TRANSMISSORA ALIANCA ENERGIA ELETR Utilities Equity 2617235.77 2.32
AZUL4 AZUL PREF SA Industrials Equity 2348512.44 2.08
BRAP4 BRADESPAR PREF SA Materials Equity 2345981.02 2.08
GOAU4 METALURGICA GERDAU PREF SA Materials Equity 2304185.62 2.04
SMTO3 SAO MARTINHO SA Consumer Staples Equity 2229348.07 1.98
YDUQ3 YDUQS PARTICIPACOES SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 2161090.18 1.92
ENBR3 ENERGIAS DO BRASIL SA BRAZIL Utilities Equity 2037595.51 1.81
CPLE6 CIA PARANAENSE DE ENERGIA COPEL PR Utilities Equity 1834212.69 1.63
SOMA3 GRUPO DE MODA SOMA SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1819074.77 1.61
PETZ3 PET CENTER COMERCIO E PARTCIPACOES Consumer Discretionary Equity 1741879.98 1.55
RRRP3 3R PETROLEUM OLEO E GAS SA Energy Equity 1651888.29 1.47
ARZZ3 AREZZO INDUSTRIA E SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1569710.42 1.39
SLCE3 SLC AGRICOLA SA Consumer Staples Equity 1526738.68 1.35
LWSA3 LOCAWEB SERVICOS DE INTERNET SA Information Technology Equity 1507898.44 1.34
DXCO3 DEXCO SA Materials Equity 1493127.56 1.32
CYRE3 CYRELA BRAZIL REALTY SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1467337.36 1.3
COGN3 COGNA EDUCACAO SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1413476.44 1.25
CESP6 COMPANHIA ENERGETICA DE SAO PAULO Utilities Equity 1385346.08 1.23
UNIP6 UNIPAR PARTICIPACOES B PREF SA Materials Equity 1358938.98 1.21
ALUP11 ALUPAR INVESTIMENTO UNITS SA Utilities Equity 1206965.99 1.07
MRVE3 MRV ENGENHARIA E PARTICIPACOES SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1202990.14 1.07
PCAR3 COMPANHIA BRASILEIRA DE DISTRIBUIC Consumer Staples Equity 1172886.86 1.04
GGPS3 GPS PARTICIPACOES E EMPREENDIMENTO Industrials Equity 1142666.49 1.01
GOLL4 GOL LINHAS AEREAS INTELIGENTES PRE Industrials Equity 1133187.56 1.01
FLRY3 FLEURY SA Health Care Equity 1108875.87 0.98
ALSO3 ALIANSCE SONAE SHOPPING CENTERS SA Real Estate Equity 1035320.1 0.92
ODPV3 ODONTOPREV SA Health Care Equity 1031677.98 0.92
GMAT3 GRUPO MATEUS SA Consumer Staples Equity 1030407.12 0.91
CIEL3 CIELO SA Information Technology Equity 1029640.37 0.91
LIGT3 LIGHT SA Utilities Equity 1028318.88 0.91
QUAL3 QUALICORP SA Health Care Equity 1000109.26 0.89
STBP3 SANTOS BRASIL PARTICIPACOES SA Industrials Equity 998012.6 0.89
SIMH3 SIMPAR SA Industrials Equity 970329.3 0.86
BPAN4 BANCO PAN PREF SA Financials Equity 969437.11 0.86
MEGA3 OMEGA ENERGIA SA Utilities Equity 957025.98 0.85
IRBR3 IRB BRASIL RESSEGUROS SA Financials Equity 954985.93 0.85
SAPR11 CIA SANEAMENTO DO PARANA UNITS Utilities Equity 954694.1 0.85
BEEF3 MINERVA SA Consumer Staples Equity 943280.95 0.84
CVCB3 CVC BRASIL OPERADORA E AGENCIA DE Consumer Discretionary Equity 900729.22 0.8
AESB3 AES BRASIL SA Utilities Equity 890676.16 0.79
SMFT3 SMARTFIT ESCOLA DE GINASTICA E DAN Consumer Discretionary Equity 868685.0 0.77
CSMG3 COMPANHIA DE SANEAMENTO DE MINAS G Utilities Equity 846540.29 0.75
IGTI11 IGUATEMI SA Real Estate Equity 841219.06 0.75
INTB3 INTELBRAS TELECOMUNICACOES SA Information Technology Equity 835807.03 0.74
VAMO3 VAMOS LOCACAO DE CAMINHOES MAQUINA Industrials Equity 830580.51 0.74
GRND3 GRENDENE SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 810829.79 0.72
VIVA3 VIVARA PARTICIPACOES SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 785490.06 0.7
MOVI3 MOVIDA PARTICIPACOES SA Industrials Equity 772842.03 0.69
ECOR3 ECORODOVIAS INFRAESTRUTURA E LOGIS Industrials Equity 732508.94 0.65
SBFG3 GRUPO SBF SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 721185.1 0.64
ANIM3 GAEC EDUCACAO SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 713323.31 0.63
CPLE11 CIA PARANAENSE DE ENERGIA UNT Utilities Equity 709061.67 0.63
BRSR6 BANCO DO ESTADO DO RIO GRANDE DO S Financials Equity 648830.77 0.58
EZTC3 EZ TEC EMPREENDIMENTOS E PARTICIPA Consumer Discretionary Equity 644957.45 0.57
RAPT4 RANDON PREF SA Industrials Equity 626023.82 0.56
MDIA3 M DIAS BRANCO INDUSTRIA SA Consumer Staples Equity 616527.17 0.55
ENAT3 ENAUTA PARTICIPACOES SA Energy Equity 583898.66 0.52
MYPK3 IOCHPE MAXION SA Industrials Equity 550627.84 0.49
JHSF3 JHSF PARTICIPACOES SA Real Estate Equity 548601.9 0.49
VVEO3 CM HOSPITALAR SA Health Care Equity 526411.04 0.47
FESA4 FERBASA PREF Materials Equity 519366.0 0.46
BRPR3 BR PROPERTIES SA Real Estate Equity 512655.35 0.45
SAPR4 CIA SANEAMENTO PREF Utilities Equity 504558.77 0.45
ARML3 ARMAC LOCACAO LOGISTICA E SERVICOS Industrials Equity 500420.63 0.44
AMBP3 AMBIPAR PARTICIPACOES E EMPREEND S Industrials Equity 495020.5 0.44
ONCO3 ONCOCLINICAS DO BRASIL SERVICOS ME Health Care Equity 471816.61 0.42
LJQQ3 LOJAS QUERO-QUERO SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 466508.25 0.41
IFCM3 INFRACOMMERCE CXAAS SA Communication Equity 448758.03 0.4
MATD3 HOSPITAL MATER DEI SA Health Care Equity 444308.37 0.39
POMO4 MARCOPOLO PREF SA Industrials Equity 432424.63 0.38
ABCB4 BANCO ABC BRASIL PREF SA Financials Equity 427983.61 0.38
TUPY3 TUPY SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 423846.01 0.38
AERI3 AERIS INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE EQUI Industrials Equity 417863.16 0.37
BRL BRL CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 405140.5 0.36
CASH3 MELIUZ SA Communication Equity 403390.17 0.36
HBSA3 HIDROVIAS DO BRASIL SA Industrials Equity 398733.83 0.35
TTEN3 TRES TENTOS AGROINDUSTRIAL SA Consumer Staples Equity 389840.58 0.35
LOGG3 LOG COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES SA Real Estate Equity 388339.4 0.34
CAML3 CAMIL ALIMENTOS SA Consumer Staples Equity 387281.47 0.34
MLAS3 MULTILASER INDUSTRIAL SA Information Technology Equity 386598.94 0.34
GUAR3 GUARARAPES SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 380762.16 0.34
BLAU3 BLAU FARMACEUTICA SA Health Care Equity 355645.24 0.32
BOAS3 BOA VISTA SERVICOS SA Industrials Equity 335960.48 0.3
LEVE3 MAHLE-METAL LEVE SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 332254.29 0.29
PARD3 INSTITUTO HERMES PARDINI SA Health Care Equity 326681.07 0.29
SEQL3 SEQUOIA LOGISTICA E TRANSPORTES SA Industrials Equity 294853.57 0.26
CSED3 CRUZEIRO DO SUL EDUCACIONAL SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 285043.96 0.25
IGTI3 JEREISSATI PARTICIPACOES SA Real Estate Equity 273733.69 0.24
COCE5 CIA ENERGETICA DO CEARA SERIES A P Utilities Equity 251923.72 0.22
ESPA3 MPM CORPOREOS SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 192537.29 0.17
CEAB3 C A MODAS SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 180692.75 0.16
CLSA3 CLEAR SALE SA Information Technology Equity 169441.42 0.15
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 140000.0 0.12
JPFFT CASH COLLATERAL USD JPFFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 63000.0 0.06
MCBH2 BCLEAR MSCI BRAZIL INDEX MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -32411.07 -0.03
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