ETF constituents for IECS

Below, a list of constituents for IECS (iShares Evolved U.S. Consumer Staples ETF) is shown. In total, IECS consists of 131 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
KO COCA-COLA Consumer Staples Equity 1898501.25 11.41
PEP PEPSICO INC Consumer Staples Equity 1738139.48 10.45
PG PROCTER & GAMBLE Consumer Staples Equity 1382078.32 8.31
PM PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Staples Equity 853465.37 5.13
MDLZ MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 771985.65 4.64
MO ALTRIA GROUP INC Consumer Staples Equity 701564.21 4.22
SBUX STARBUCKS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 580916.83 3.49
GIS GENERAL MILLS INC Consumer Staples Equity 545065.84 3.28
MCD MCDONALDS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 431987.89 2.6
MNST MONSTER BEVERAGE CORP Consumer Staples Equity 412436.55 2.48
KDP KEURIG DR PEPPER INC Consumer Staples Equity 378008.1 2.27
ADM ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND Consumer Staples Equity 365445.3 2.2
HSY HERSHEY FOODS Consumer Staples Equity 345007.93 2.07
CL COLGATE-PALMOLIVE Consumer Staples Equity 330435.76 1.99
SYY SYSCO CORP Consumer Staples Equity 270682.56 1.63
TSN TYSON FOODS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 246420.24 1.48
KHC KRAFT HEINZ Consumer Staples Equity 235478.18 1.42
CMG CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 222691.5 1.34
STZ CONSTELLATION BRANDS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 211139.82 1.27
BLL BALL CORP Materials Equity 208995.15 1.26
ZTS ZOETIS INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 204698.4 1.23
MKC MCCORMICK & CO NON-VOTING INC Consumer Staples Equity 201510.92 1.21
K KELLOGG Consumer Staples Equity 201129.87 1.21
CAG CONAGRA BRANDS INC Consumer Staples Equity 186268.99 1.12
BFB BROWN FORMAN CORP CLASS B Consumer Staples Equity 180630.26 1.09
SJM JM SMUCKER Consumer Staples Equity 166944.96 1.0
CTVA CORTEVA INC Materials Equity 145094.95 0.87
YUM YUM BRANDS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 141263.04 0.85
KMB KIMBERLY CLARK CORP Consumer Staples Equity 134741.36 0.81
COP CONOCOPHILLIPS Energy Equity 120891.94 0.73
HRL HORMEL FOODS CORP Consumer Staples Equity 114706.17 0.69
CHD CHURCH AND DWIGHT INC Consumer Staples Equity 109128.88 0.66
CCK CROWN HOLDINGS INC Materials Equity 107488.89 0.65
CPB CAMPBELL SOUP Consumer Staples Equity 96789.42 0.58
BG BUNGE LTD Consumer Staples Equity 92941.92 0.56
KR KROGER Consumer Staples Equity 81591.84 0.49
CLX CLOROX Consumer Staples Equity 80644.12 0.48
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 80000.0 0.48
LW LAMB WESTON HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 77366.84 0.47
TAP MOLSON COORS BREWING CLASS B Consumer Staples Equity 74130.0 0.45
POST POST HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 71489.22 0.43
EQIX EQUINIX REIT INC Real Estate Equity 70549.0 0.42
YUMC YUM CHINA HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 67921.65 0.41
DAR DARLING INGREDIENTS INC Consumer Staples Equity 59725.5 0.36
INGR INGREDION INC Consumer Staples Equity 44039.52 0.26
ELAN ELANCO ANIMAL HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 40942.52 0.25
USFD US FOODS HOLDING CORP Consumer Staples Equity 40144.32 0.24
PFGC PERFORMANCE FOOD GROUP Consumer Staples Equity 39232.98 0.24
GPK GRAPHIC PACKAGING HOLDING Materials Equity 37537.24 0.23
BERY BERRY GLOBAL GROUP INC Materials Equity 37307.13 0.22
HAIN HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP INC Consumer Staples Equity 36992.8 0.22
DPZ DOMINOS PIZZA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 34227.62 0.21
FLO FLOWERS FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 31975.3 0.19
MIDD MIDDLEBY CORP Industrials Equity 29025.8 0.17
CELH CELSIUS HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 27213.36 0.16
AGCO AGCO CORP Industrials Equity 27176.8 0.16
LANC LANCASTER COLONY CORP Consumer Staples Equity 27126.9 0.16
SMPL THE SIMPLY GOOD FOODS COMPANY Consumer Staples Equity 26982.44 0.16
SAM BOSTON BEER INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 26222.7 0.16
THS TREEHOUSE FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 25113.6 0.15
DRI DARDEN RESTAURANTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 25057.89 0.15
ECL ECOLAB INC Materials Equity 24983.48 0.15
SON SONOCO PRODUCTS Materials Equity 23797.2 0.14
FRPT FRESHPET INC Consumer Staples Equity 23713.62 0.14
BGS B AND G FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 23446.5 0.14
COLD AMERICOLD REALTY TRUST Real Estate Equity 22799.51 0.14
COKE COCA COLA CONSOLIDATED INC Consumer Staples Equity 22742.94 0.14
PRMW PRIMO WATER CORP Consumer Staples Equity 22574.76 0.14
BCPC BALCHEM CORP Materials Equity 22474.26 0.14
BFA BROWN FORMAN CORP CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 22386.96 0.13
SAFM SANDERSON FARMS INC Consumer Staples Equity 21442.8 0.13
JJSF J AND J SNACK FOODS CORP Consumer Staples Equity 20456.8 0.12
CASY CASEYS GENERAL STORES INC Consumer Staples Equity 19957.3 0.12
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 19557.68 0.12
NEOG NEOGEN CORP Health Care Equity 19099.8 0.11
BYND BEYOND MEAT INC Consumer Staples Equity 19061.0 0.11
SXT SENSIENT TECHNOLOGIES CORP Materials Equity 18907.2 0.11
SMG SCOTTS MIRACLE GRO Materials Equity 18743.2 0.11
AMCR AMCOR PLC Materials Equity 17644.76 0.11
RGA REINSURANCE GROUP OF AMERICA INC Financials Equity 17381.58 0.1
MAT MATTEL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 16782.83 0.1
BJ BJS WHOLESALE CLUB HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 16452.48 0.1
MOS MOSAIC Materials Equity 16371.35 0.1
SEE SEALED AIR CORP Materials Equity 16222.68 0.1
COTY COTY INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 16210.4 0.1
WEN WENDYS Consumer Discretionary Equity 15925.3 0.1
HLF HERBALIFE NUTRITION LTD Consumer Staples Equity 15899.76 0.1
PKG PACKAGING CORP OF AMERICA Materials Equity 15474.94 0.09
SLGN SILGAN HOLDINGS INC Materials Equity 15236.6 0.09
TWNK HOSTESS BRANDS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 13643.5 0.08
FIZZ NATIONAL BEVERAGE CORP Consumer Staples Equity 12666.0 0.08
ENR ENERGIZER HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 12597.0 0.08
JBT JOHN BEAN TECHNOLOGIES CORP Industrials Equity 12546.0 0.08
WING WINGSTOP INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 12520.8 0.08
SFM SPROUTS FARMERS MARKET INC Consumer Staples Equity 12510.0 0.08
EXLS EXLSERVICE HOLDINGS INC Information Technology Equity 11621.61 0.07
MED MEDIFAST INC Consumer Staples Equity 10185.76 0.06
HELE HELEN OF TROY LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 10025.0 0.06
OI O I GLASS INC Materials Equity 9687.6 0.06
MGPI MGP INGREDIENTS INC Consumer Staples Equity 8812.1 0.05
CALM CAL MAINE FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 8732.0 0.05
UNFI UNITED NATURAL FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 8525.0 0.05
CNNE CANNAE HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 7825.48 0.05
JACK JACK IN THE BOX INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 7699.5 0.05
TXRH TEXAS ROADHOUSE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 7593.6 0.05
PPC PILGRIMS PRIDE CORP Consumer Staples Equity 7323.0 0.04
FMC FMC CORP Materials Equity 7238.7 0.04
JBSS JOHN B SANFILIPPO AND SON INC Consumer Staples Equity 7079.4 0.04
SHAK SHAKE SHACK INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 7073.03 0.04
BRBR BELLRING BRANDS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 6899.96 0.04
CBRL CRACKER BARREL OLD COUNTRY STORE I Consumer Discretionary Equity 6593.0 0.04
UVV UNIVERSAL CORP Consumer Staples Equity 6514.96 0.04
NWL NEWELL BRANDS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 6304.32 0.04
CAKE CHEESECAKE FACTORY INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 5881.4 0.04
EPC EDGEWELL PERSONAL CARE Consumer Staples Equity 5236.5 0.03
TR TOOTSIE ROLL INDUSTRIES INC Consumer Staples Equity 5174.4 0.03
WDFC WD-40 Consumer Staples Equity 4759.85 0.03
PRGO PERRIGO PLC Health Care Equity 4578.45 0.03
ATR APTARGROUP INC Materials Equity 4557.93 0.03
CVGW CALAVO GROWERS INC Consumer Staples Equity 4479.2 0.03
FDP FRESH DEL MONTE PRODUCE INC Consumer Staples Equity 4289.22 0.03
VGR VECTOR GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 4090.45 0.02
SEB SEABOARD CORP Consumer Staples Equity 3737.87 0.02
BJRI BJS RESTAURANTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1911.13 0.01
WW WW INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1909.8 0.01
DOUG DOUGLAS ELLIMAN INC Real Estate Equity 1363.0 0.01
ACCO ACCO BRANDS CORP Industrials Equity 16.92 0.0
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