ETF constituents for INTF

Below, a list of constituents for INTF (iShares MSCI Intl Multifactor ETF) is shown. In total, INTF consists of 212 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
RIO RIO TINTO PLC Materials Equity 19245500.9 2.23
9432 NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE COR Communication Equity 18068089.97 2.1
MBG MERCEDES-BENZ GROUP N AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 17385535.5 2.02
INVE B INVESTOR CLASS B Financials Equity 17051911.56 1.98
CSU CONSTELLATION SOFTWARE INC Information Technology Equity 16107249.64 1.87
SGO COMPAGNIE DE SAINT GOBAIN SA Industrials Equity 15062732.09 1.75
AD KONINKLIJKE AHOLD DELHAIZE NV Consumer Staples Equity 15036448.53 1.74
RIO RIO TINTO LTD Materials Equity 14953858.63 1.74
PHIA KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS NV Health Care Equity 14885322.24 1.73
O39 OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING LTD Financials Equity 14642901.77 1.7
6702 FUJITSU LTD Information Technology Equity 13292525.95 1.54
WKL WOLTERS KLUWER NV Industrials Equity 12946416.22 1.5
GLE SOCIETE GENERALE SA Financials Equity 12097620.9 1.4
ORA ORANGE SA Communication Equity 11697494.7 1.36
8591 ORIX CORP Financials Equity 11632179.5 1.35
7751 CANON INC Information Technology Equity 11411762.54 1.32
MFC MANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 11397728.51 1.32
4901 FUJIFILM HOLDINGS CORP Information Technology Equity 10980865.05 1.27
FMG FORTESCUE METALS GROUP LTD Materials Equity 10977062.56 1.27
STM STMICROELECTRONICS NV Information Technology Equity 10535214.44 1.22
MG MAGNA INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 10275334.82 1.19
1 CK HUTCHISON HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 9383066.07 1.09
MT ARCELORMITTAL SA Materials Equity 9117273.47 1.06
REP REPSOL SA Energy Equity 9044332.95 1.05
MAERSK B A P MOLLER MAERSK B Industrials Equity 8864264.27 1.03
GIB.A CGI INC Information Technology Equity 8702660.64 1.01
TRI THOMSON REUTERS CORP Industrials Equity 8542178.76 0.99
8002 MARUBENI CORP Industrials Equity 7782519.46 0.9
16 SUN HUNG KAI PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 7695394.75 0.89
PAH3 PORSCHE AUTOMOBIL HOLDING PREF Consumer Discretionary Equity 7352284.96 0.85
SCMN SWISSCOM AG Communication Equity 7350731.51 0.85
KNIN KUEHNE UND NAGEL INTERNATIONAL AG Industrials Equity 6880050.41 0.8
9101 NIPPON YUSEN Industrials Equity 6705709.34 0.78
ASM ASM INTERNATIONAL NV Information Technology Equity 6699624.23 0.78
WSP WSP GLOBAL INC Industrials Equity 6657966.85 0.77
L LOBLAW COMPANIES LTD Consumer Staples Equity 6507976.75 0.76
4578 OTSUKA HOLDINGS LTD Health Care Equity 6467266.44 0.75
UCB UCB SA Health Care Equity 6381663.13 0.74
1113 CK ASSET HOLDINGS LTD Real Estate Equity 6317275.92 0.73
NN NN GROUP NV Financials Equity 6312918.8 0.73
LOGN LOGITECH INTERNATIONAL SA Information Technology Equity 6140076.26 0.71
FFH FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS SUB VOT Financials Equity 6072881.37 0.7
CA CARREFOUR SA Consumer Staples Equity 6063601.33 0.7
BNR BRENNTAG Industrials Equity 6027157.19 0.7
NHY NORSK HYDRO Materials Equity 5931175.5 0.69
OTEX OPEN TEXT CORP Information Technology Equity 5739847.17 0.67
TOU TOURMALINE OIL CORP Energy Equity 5660930.0 0.66
SHL SONIC HEALTHCARE LTD Health Care Equity 5619955.11 0.65
5020 ENEOS HOLDINGS INC Energy Equity 5580196.02 0.65
KPN KONINKLIJKE KPN NV Communication Equity 5502818.84 0.64
1605 INPEX CORP Energy Equity 5338070.07 0.62
6501 HITACHI LTD Industrials Equity 5015551.9 0.58
6701 NEC CORP Information Technology Equity 4979433.39 0.58
BXB BRAMBLES LTD Industrials Equity 4966085.64 0.58
PNDORA PANDORA Consumer Discretionary Equity 4955591.22 0.57
VACN VAT GROUP AG Industrials Equity 4727452.15 0.55
PSN PERSIMMON PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 4724008.76 0.55
VIV VIVENDI Communication Equity 4718229.72 0.55
5802 SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 4710796.71 0.55
GBLB GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT NV Financials Equity 4646893.34 0.54
SGE SAGE GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 4635903.26 0.54
MAERSK A A P MOLLER MAERSK Industrials Equity 4579665.78 0.53
ML MICHELIN Consumer Discretionary Equity 4420046.91 0.51
IMCD IMCD NV Industrials Equity 4407225.58 0.51
WFG WEST FRASER TIMBER LTD Materials Equity 4386770.43 0.51
6 POWER ASSETS HOLDINGS LTD Utilities Equity 4354442.58 0.51
FERG FERGUSON PLC Industrials Equity 4240404.77 0.49
AGN AEGON NV Financials Equity 4239846.27 0.49
UHR THE SWATCH GROUP AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 4189615.99 0.49
TFII TFI INTERNATIONAL INC Industrials Equity 4155858.11 0.48
5201 AGC INC Industrials Equity 4149550.17 0.48
GETI B GETINGE B Health Care Equity 4119182.95 0.48
CTC.A CANADIAN TIRE LTD CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 4093254.28 0.47
S32 SOUTH32 LTD Materials Equity 4046597.01 0.47
KGF KINGFISHER PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 4041447.98 0.47
H HYDRO ONE LTD Utilities Equity 3965870.51 0.46
RAND RANDSTAD HOLDING Industrials Equity 3954846.79 0.46
DXS DEXUS STAPLED UNITS Real Estate Equity 3952368.61 0.46
EN BOUYGUES SA Industrials Equity 3920828.59 0.45
8795 T&D HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 3897667.82 0.45
HFG HELLOFRESH Consumer Staples Equity 3891146.07 0.45
9531 TOKYO GAS LTD Utilities Equity 3765264.71 0.44
REE RED ELECTRICA SA Utilities Equity 3740574.26 0.43
DTG DAIMLER TRUCK HOLDING E AG Industrials Equity 3587011.92 0.42
2269 MEIJI HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Staples Equity 3585709.34 0.42
1878 DAITO TRUST CONSTRUCTION LTD Real Estate Equity 3490458.48 0.4
EDV ENDEAVOUR GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 3435015.43 0.4
SKF B SKF B Industrials Equity 3422373.59 0.4
4151 KYOWA KIRIN LTD Health Care Equity 3361539.79 0.39
BSL BLUESCOPE STEEL LTD Materials Equity 3350315.23 0.39
TIH TOROMONT INDUSTRIES LTD Industrials Equity 3336453.87 0.39
K KINROSS GOLD CORP Materials Equity 3269745.66 0.38
6963 ROHM LTD Information Technology Equity 3210000.0 0.37
7272 YAMAHA MOTOR LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 3197517.3 0.37
GPT GPT GROUP STAPLED UNITS Real Estate Equity 3142918.31 0.36
9502 CHUBU ELECTRIC POWER INC Utilities Equity 3124463.67 0.36
IAG IA FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 3111365.22 0.36
F34 WILMAR INTERNATIONAL LTD Consumer Staples Equity 3086922.94 0.36
1801 TAISEI CORP Industrials Equity 3086712.8 0.36
MPL MEDIBANK PRIVATE LTD Financials Equity 3085942.5 0.36
SBRY SAINSBURY(J) PLC Consumer Staples Equity 3071589.46 0.36
4204 SEKISUI CHEMICAL LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 3052557.09 0.35
12 HENDERSON LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD Real Estate Equity 3018905.14 0.35
PSON PEARSON PLC Communication Equity 2998324.93 0.35
TWE TREASURY WINE ESTATES LTD Consumer Staples Equity 2968928.69 0.34
1812 KAJIMA CORP Industrials Equity 2901806.23 0.34
288 WH GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 2893549.71 0.34
ABDN ABRDN PLC Financials Equity 2879159.59 0.33
KINV B KINNEVIK CLASS B Financials Equity 2876240.04 0.33
SOF SOFINA SA Financials Equity 2835000.91 0.33
7752 RICOH LTD Information Technology Equity 2789400.52 0.32
7912 DAI NIPPON PRINTING LTD Industrials Equity 2737882.35 0.32
1308 SITC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 2691753.98 0.31
S68 SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LTD Financials Equity 2632181.1 0.31
1802 OBAYASHI CORP Industrials Equity 2622941.18 0.3
7259 AISIN CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2610692.04 0.3
6823 HKT TRUST AND HKT UNITS LTD Communication Equity 2590234.91 0.3
EVN EVOLUTION MINING LTD Materials Equity 2569064.15 0.3
EMP.A EMPIRE LTD CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 2536778.51 0.29
7911 TOPPAN INC Industrials Equity 2502500.0 0.29
3626 TIS INC Information Technology Equity 2442962.8 0.28
868 XINYI GLASS HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 2441850.04 0.28
SDR SCHRODERS PLC Financials Equity 2436065.34 0.28
ORNBV ORION CLASS B Health Care Equity 2380598.71 0.28
AZJ AURIZON HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 2372755.58 0.28
HUSQ B HUSQVARNA Industrials Equity 2369126.05 0.27
9501 TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER HOLDINGS INC Utilities Equity 2333148.79 0.27
7186 CONCORDIA FINANCIAL GROUP LTD Financials Equity 2292498.27 0.27
6806 HIROSE ELECTRIC LTD Information Technology Equity 2282525.95 0.26
9147 NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 2248442.91 0.26
BIM BIOMERIEUX SA Health Care Equity 2180819.09 0.25
6845 AZBIL CORP Information Technology Equity 2175519.03 0.25
6448 BROTHER INDUSTRIES LTD Information Technology Equity 2129678.2 0.25
COLO B COLOPLAST B Health Care Equity 2123688.0 0.25
101 HANG LUNG PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 2101129.7 0.24
IPN IPSEN SA Health Care Equity 2098572.15 0.24
83 SINO LAND LTD Real Estate Equity 2097271.82 0.24
HIK HIKMA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Health Care Equity 2095180.11 0.24
6724 SEIKO EPSON CORP Information Technology Equity 2089480.97 0.24
TIT TELECOM ITALIA Communication Equity 2072992.1 0.24
G1A GEA GROUP AG Industrials Equity 2017175.62 0.23
1929 CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY GROUP LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 1955512.97 0.23
4042 TOSOH CORP Materials Equity 1952205.88 0.23
ELUX B ELECTROLUX CLASS B Consumer Discretionary Equity 1936411.8 0.22
6370 KURITA WATER INDUSTRIES LTD Industrials Equity 1912889.27 0.22
5333 NGK INSULATORS LTD Industrials Equity 1910214.53 0.22
FDJ LA FRANCAISE DES JEUX SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1871920.58 0.22
2875 TOYO SUISAN LTD Consumer Staples Equity 1847128.03 0.21
DIA DIASORIN Health Care Equity 1766565.85 0.2
1803 SHIMIZU CORP Industrials Equity 1726467.13 0.2
BANB BACHEM HOLDING AG Health Care Equity 1723020.41 0.2
V03 VENTURE CORPORATION LTD Information Technology Equity 1716509.5 0.2
ENG ENAGAS SA Utilities Equity 1707606.46 0.2
8355 SHIZUOKA BANK LTD Financials Equity 1701435.99 0.2
8331 CHIBA BANK LTD Financials Equity 1700138.41 0.2
8593 MITSUBISHI HC CAPITAL INC Financials Equity 1667647.06 0.19
7459 MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORP Health Care Equity 1613148.79 0.19
6923 STANLEY ELECTRIC LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 1498968.86 0.17
INDU A INDUSTRIVARDEN A Financials Equity 1493721.22 0.17
1972 SWIRE PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 1486138.79 0.17
UHRN THE SWATCH GROUP AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 1465080.47 0.17
NVEI NUVEI SUBORDINATE VOTING CORP Information Technology Equity 1461973.94 0.17
REI.UN RIOCAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUS Real Estate Equity 1457488.42 0.17
5947 RINNAI CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 1443148.79 0.17
N2IU MAPLETREE COMMERCIAL UNITS TRUST Real Estate Equity 1438227.19 0.17
2371 KAKAKU.COM INC Communication Equity 1433153.98 0.17
PROX PROXIMUS NV Communication Equity 1422209.95 0.17
ROCK B ROCKWOOL INTERNATIONAL B Industrials Equity 1415055.63 0.16
IGM IGM FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1413402.83 0.16
O2D TELEFONICA DEUTSCHLAND HOLDING AG Communication Equity 1347677.93 0.16
3349 COSMOS PHARMACEUTICAL CORP Consumer Staples Equity 1338365.05 0.16
FPE3 FUCHS PETROLUB PREF Materials Equity 1330009.71 0.15
3291 IIDA GROUP HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 1309775.09 0.15
7205 HINO MOTORS LTD Industrials Equity 1274617.65 0.15
9719 SCSK CORP Information Technology Equity 1242239.62 0.14
U14 UOL GROUP LTD Real Estate Equity 1233927.46 0.14
SECU B SECURITAS B Industrials Equity 1144714.1 0.13
COLR ETABLISSEMENTEN FRANZ COLRUYT NV Consumer Staples Equity 1018979.04 0.12
4581 TAISHO PHARMACEUTICAL HOLDINGS LTD Health Care Equity 956652.25 0.11
4506 DAINIPPON SUMITOMO PHARMA LTD Health Care Equity 937946.37 0.11
2412 BENEFIT ONE INC Industrials Equity 864027.68 0.1
CHF CHF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 840669.41 0.1
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 813851.52 0.09
NOVO B NOVO NORDISK CLASS B Health Care Equity 802940.92 0.09
JPY JPY CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 773707.19 0.09
AV. AVIVA PLC Financials Equity 724646.45 0.08
4927 POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 685193.77 0.08
7202 ISUZU MOTORS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 479117.65 0.06
CAD CAD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 392887.57 0.05
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 310000.0 0.04
ADEN ADECCO GROUP AG Industrials Equity 272344.0 0.03
DKK DKK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 196951.49 0.02
AUD AUD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 169243.23 0.02
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL EUR SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 101240.13 0.01
SGD SGD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 65467.88 0.01
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL GBP SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 60238.68 0.01
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL AUD SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 52591.16 0.01
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 42811.18 0.0
HKD HKD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 41606.31 0.0
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL JPY SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 39175.13 0.0
SEK SEK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 26269.58 0.0
ILS ILS CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 21579.42 0.0
NZD NZD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 21123.5 0.0
NOK NOK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 20245.72 0.0
VGH2 EURO STOXX 50 MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
XPH2 SPI 200 MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
TPH2 TOPIX INDEX MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
Z H2 FTSE 100 INDEX MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
MARGIN_SGD FUTURES SGD MARGIN BALANCE Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins -0.03 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -87892.7 -0.01
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