ETF constituents for IXJ

Below, a list of constituents for IXJ (iShares Global Healthcare ETF) is shown. In total, IXJ consists of 134 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
UNH UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC Health Care Equity 205546668.41 6.31
JNJ JOHNSON & JOHNSON Health Care Equity 199293879.18 6.12
PFE PFIZER INC Health Care Equity 123490245.72 3.79
ROG ROCHE HOLDING PAR AG Health Care Equity 123210461.57 3.78
ABBV ABBVIE INC Health Care Equity 122940984.11 3.77
TMO THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC Health Care Equity 101893887.61 3.13
ABT ABBOTT LABORATORIES Health Care Equity 100587538.24 3.09
NOVN NOVARTIS AG Health Care Equity 98767957.04 3.03
LLY ELI LILLY Health Care Equity 92389360.24 2.84
MRK MERCK & CO INC Health Care Equity 88985913.28 2.73
AZN ASTRAZENECA PLC Health Care Equity 84588142.5 2.6
DHR DANAHER CORP Health Care Equity 82674812.64 2.54
NOVO B NOVO NORDISK CLASS B Health Care Equity 75766016.07 2.33
BMY BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB Health Care Equity 71297440.5 2.19
MDT MEDTRONIC PLC Health Care Equity 66569939.18 2.04
CVS CVS HEALTH CORP Health Care Equity 63535182.69 1.95
AMGN AMGEN INC Health Care Equity 59126594.04 1.81
SAN SANOFI SA Health Care Equity 55184575.13 1.69
ANTM ANTHEM INC Health Care Equity 51438612.87 1.58
ISRG INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC Health Care Equity 49279527.92 1.51
GSK GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC Health Care Equity 47856538.68 1.47
ZTS ZOETIS INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 43233180.45 1.33
CSL CSL LTD Health Care Equity 43096171.17 1.32
SYK STRYKER CORP Health Care Equity 41418059.4 1.27
BDX BECTON DICKINSON Health Care Equity 36615940.16 1.12
GILD GILEAD SCIENCES INC Health Care Equity 36322421.41 1.11
CI CIGNA CORP Health Care Equity 35551283.01 1.09
EW EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP Health Care Equity 32774027.36 1.01
REGN REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 30860356.02 0.95
BSX BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP Health Care Equity 30016531.5 0.92
VRTX VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 27980210.25 0.86
HCA HCA HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 27880069.64 0.86
BAYN BAYER AG Health Care Equity 26437669.56 0.81
MRNA MODERNA INC Health Care Equity 26380841.57 0.81
HUM HUMANA INC Health Care Equity 25849704.1 0.79
ILMN ILLUMINA INC Health Care Equity 24194133.54 0.74
LONN LONZA GROUP AG Health Care Equity 23420085.96 0.72
4502 TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICAL LTD Health Care Equity 22616231.42 0.69
CNC CENTENE CORP Health Care Equity 22540940.56 0.69
7741 HOYA CORP Health Care Equity 22500207.61 0.69
4568 DAIICHI SANKYO LTD Health Care Equity 21189444.64 0.65
IQV IQVIA HOLDINGS INC Health Care Equity 20944530.31 0.64
IDXX IDEXX LABORATORIES INC Health Care Equity 20707876.94 0.64
BAX BAXTER INTERNATIONAL INC Health Care Equity 20214673.95 0.62
MCK MCKESSON CORP Health Care Equity 19461000.2 0.6
DXCM DEXCOM INC Health Care Equity 18890220.96 0.58
A AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC Health Care Equity 18604432.55 0.57
ALGN ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC Health Care Equity 17864546.05 0.55
ALC ALCON AG Health Care Equity 17721252.54 0.54
RMD RESMED INC Health Care Equity 16558285.86 0.51
MTD METTLER TOLEDO INC Health Care Equity 15666008.04 0.48
4503 ASTELLAS PHARMA INC Health Care Equity 14800314.45 0.45
PHIA KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS NV Health Care Equity 14470947.69 0.44
BIIB BIOGEN INC Health Care Equity 14456050.4 0.44
WST WEST PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES INC Health Care Equity 13367787.02 0.41
CERN CERNER CORP Health Care Equity 13158212.09 0.4
LH LABORATORY CORPORATION OF AMERICA Health Care Equity 12545394.12 0.39
2269 WUXI BIOLOGICS CAYMAN INC Health Care Equity 12397613.16 0.38
ZBH ZIMMER BIOMET HOLDINGS INC Health Care Equity 12313302.12 0.38
7733 OLYMPUS CORP Health Care Equity 12243404.84 0.38
MRK MERCK Health Care Equity 11772702.44 0.36
4543 TERUMO CORP Health Care Equity 11332792.39 0.35
STE STERIS Health Care Equity 10918647.56 0.34
PKI PERKINELMER INC Health Care Equity 10733261.88 0.33
4519 CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL LTD Health Care Equity 10140522.49 0.31
GMAB GENMAB Health Care Equity 9843403.47 0.3
ABC AMERISOURCEBERGEN CORP Health Care Equity 9759660.84 0.3
COO COOPER INC Health Care Equity 9408795.72 0.29
SOON SONOVA HOLDING AG Health Care Equity 9264226.85 0.28
WAT WATERS CORP Health Care Equity 9210731.2 0.28
4578 OTSUKA HOLDINGS LTD Health Care Equity 8962989.62 0.28
4507 SHIONOGI LTD Health Care Equity 8777636.68 0.27
HOLX HOLOGIC INC Health Care Equity 8611136.56 0.26
STMN STRAUMANN HOLDING AG Health Care Equity 8229589.06 0.25
CTLT CATALENT INC Health Care Equity 8058572.72 0.25
SHL SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS AG Health Care Equity 8055412.64 0.25
VTRS VIATRIS INC Health Care Equity 8000709.43 0.25
COLO B COLOPLAST B Health Care Equity 7938057.08 0.24
TECH BIO TECHNE CORP Health Care Equity 7674159.4 0.24
DGX QUEST DIAGNOSTICS INC Health Care Equity 7556908.5 0.23
TFX TELEFLEX INC Health Care Equity 7544146.96 0.23
CAH CARDINAL HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 7284958.72 0.22
2413 M3 INC Health Care Equity 7197659.17 0.22
FRE FRESENIUS SE AND CO KGAA Health Care Equity 6989105.08 0.21
SN. SMITH AND NEPHEW PLC Health Care Equity 6967416.18 0.21
4523 EISAI LTD Health Care Equity 6942429.07 0.21
ARGX ARGENX Health Care Equity 6735878.65 0.21
ABMD ABIOMED INC Health Care Equity 6649114.88 0.2
UCB UCB SA Health Care Equity 6217221.5 0.19
068270 CELLTRION INC Health Care Equity 6157535.14 0.19
BIO BIO RAD LABORATORIES INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 6124931.05 0.19
INCY INCYTE CORP Health Care Equity 6065167.36 0.19
FME FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE AG Health Care Equity 5951142.76 0.18
4528 ONO PHARMACEUTICAL LTD Health Care Equity 5940280.28 0.18
6869 SYSMEX CORP Health Care Equity 5939065.74 0.18
XRAY DENTSPLY SIRONA INC Health Care Equity 5919361.56 0.18
ERF EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC Health Care Equity 5819896.78 0.18
SHL SONIC HEALTHCARE LTD Health Care Equity 5780464.02 0.18
HSIC HENRY SCHEIN INC Health Care Equity 5643372.02 0.17
QIA QIAGEN NV Health Care Equity 5325900.47 0.16
RO ROCHE HOLDING AG Health Care Equity 5251752.03 0.16
SRT3 SARTORIUS PREF AG Health Care Equity 5022861.16 0.15
UHS UNIVERSAL HEALTH SERVICES INC CLAS Health Care Equity 4943182.77 0.15
COH COCHLEAR LTD Health Care Equity 4824818.5 0.15
OGN ORGANON Health Care Equity 4381067.85 0.13
DIM SARTORIUS STEDIM BIOTECH SA Health Care Equity 4251069.44 0.13
RHC RAMSAY HEALTH CARE LTD Health Care Equity 4097834.4 0.13
VIFN VIFOR PHARMA AG Health Care Equity 3901349.17 0.12
GETI B GETINGE B Health Care Equity 3830330.64 0.12
DVA DAVITA INC Health Care Equity 3584731.82 0.11
RDOR3 REDE DOR SAO LUIZ SA Health Care Equity 3543635.57 0.11
GN GN STORE NORD Health Care Equity 3243851.41 0.1
BHC BAUSCH HEALTH COMPANIES INC Health Care Equity 3158553.3 0.1
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2743311.38 0.08
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2525614.91 0.08
GRF GRIFOLS SA CLASS A Health Care Equity 2394963.06 0.07
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 1140000.0 0.03
DKK DKK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1119001.21 0.03
CHF CHF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 914082.21 0.03
WEED CANOPY GROWTH CORP Health Care Equity 804396.66 0.02
KRW KRW CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 553974.39 0.02
HBCFT CASH COLLATERAL USD HBCFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 414000.0 0.01
CAD CAD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 386078.17 0.01
JPY JPY CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 374184.63 0.01
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 189723.34 0.01
SEK SEK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 177691.61 0.01
BRL BRL CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 133015.09 0.0
HKD HKD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 83514.44 0.0
AUD AUD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 69189.87 0.0
IXCH2 E-MINI HEALTH CARE SECTOR MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
DKK DKK/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -2.65 0.0
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