ETF constituents for IYF

Below, a list of constituents for IYF (iShares U.S. Financials ETF) is shown. In total, IYF consists of 145 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
BRKB BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC CLASS B Financials Equity 218894522.28 9.26
JPM JPMORGAN CHASE & CO Financials Equity 173787550.3 7.35
BAC BANK OF AMERICA CORP Financials Equity 137611017.6 5.82
WFC WELLS FARGO Financials Equity 102564172.2 4.34
SCHW CHARLES SCHWAB CORP Financials Equity 69927031.9 2.96
MS MORGAN STANLEY Financials Equity 69471066.23 2.94
C CITIGROUP INC Financials Equity 68024538.74 2.88
GS GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC Financials Equity 62996724.39 2.67
BLK BLACKROCK INC Financials Equity 59119850.52 2.5
SPGI S&P GLOBAL INC Financials Equity 51916113.6 2.2
CB CHUBB LTD Financials Equity 48216211.68 2.04
CME CME GROUP INC CLASS A Financials Equity 48054877.66 2.03
PNC PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP INC Financials Equity 46897497.5 1.98
BX BLACKSTONE INC Financials Equity 46661994.88 1.97
TFC TRUIST FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 44936422.93 1.9
MMC MARSH & MCLENNAN INC Financials Equity 43571181.04 1.84
USB US BANCORP Financials Equity 41966145.1 1.78
ICE INTERCONTINENTAL EXCHANGE INC Financials Equity 40189777.68 1.7
AON AON PLC CLASS A Financials Equity 35568207.85 1.5
PGR PROGRESSIVE CORP Financials Equity 33955338.24 1.44
MCO MOODYS CORP Financials Equity 29525146.0 1.25
AIG AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 28331141.32 1.2
MET METLIFE INC Financials Equity 26633485.34 1.13
PRU PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 23277930.15 0.98
TRV TRAVELERS COMPANIES INC Financials Equity 23116860.0 0.98
MSCI MSCI INC Financials Equity 23017928.43 0.97
BK BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP Financials Equity 22433407.5 0.95
AFL AFLAC INC Financials Equity 22003893.78 0.93
DFS DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES Financials Equity 19558309.9 0.83
ALL ALLSTATE CORP Financials Equity 19514000.66 0.83
SIVB SVB FINANCIAL GROUP Financials Equity 18677359.09 0.79
KKR KKR AND CO INC Financials Equity 18455517.08 0.78
AMP AMERIPRISE FINANCE INC Financials Equity 18275688.24 0.77
TROW T ROWE PRICE GROUP INC Financials Equity 18157955.4 0.77
AJG ARTHUR J GALLAGHER Financials Equity 17856819.96 0.76
STT STATE STREET CORP Financials Equity 17615376.48 0.75
FITB FIFTH THIRD BANCORP Financials Equity 17608814.08 0.74
FRC FIRST REPUBLIC BANK Financials Equity 16699186.87 0.71
WTW WILLIS TOWERS WATSON PLC Financials Equity 15402965.94 0.65
NTRS NORTHERN TRUST CORP Financials Equity 13092289.92 0.55
HIG HARTFORD FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP Financials Equity 12949277.04 0.55
APO APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT INC Financials Equity 12940717.44 0.55
KEY KEYCORP Financials Equity 12641900.04 0.53
MTB M&T BANK CORP Financials Equity 12631802.47 0.53
RF REGIONS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 12526393.04 0.53
HBAN HUNTINGTON BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 12128431.04 0.51
CFG CITIZENS FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 12108789.04 0.51
NDAQ NASDAQ INC Financials Equity 11176377.3 0.47
RJF RAYMOND JAMES INC Financials Equity 11168935.89 0.47
SBNY SIGNATURE BANK Financials Equity 10904110.3 0.46
PFG PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 10125807.0 0.43
CINF CINCINNATI FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 10098394.04 0.43
ACGL ARCH CAPITAL GROUP LTD Financials Equity 9640385.49 0.41
BR BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology Equity 9483804.75 0.4
ALLY ALLY FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 9435891.48 0.4
MKL MARKEL CORP Financials Equity 9274194.24 0.39
BRO BROWN & BROWN INC Financials Equity 8753364.9 0.37
FDS FACTSET RESEARCH SYSTEMS INC Financials Equity 8401241.34 0.36
MKTX MARKETAXESS HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 7952061.0 0.34
LPLA LPL FINANCIAL HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 7946209.71 0.34
L LOEWS CORP Financials Equity 7121595.0 0.3
CBOE CBOE GLOBAL MARKETS INC Financials Equity 7038897.21 0.3
FNF FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 6987022.46 0.3
WRB WR BERKLEY CORP Financials Equity 6832405.15 0.29
CMA COMERICA INC Financials Equity 6732520.0 0.28
LNC LINCOLN NATIONAL CORP Financials Equity 6718130.34 0.28
EWBC EAST WEST BANCORP INC Financials Equity 6654327.33 0.28
EQH EQUITABLE HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 6530349.59 0.28
RE EVEREST RE GROUP LTD Financials Equity 6393761.0 0.27
ARES ARES MANAGEMENT CORP CLASS A Financials Equity 6059016.6 0.26
ZION ZIONS BANCORPORATION Financials Equity 5830341.23 0.25
WBS WEBSTER FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 5703886.38 0.24
GL GLOBE LIFE INC Financials Equity 5661155.5 0.24
NLY ANNALY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT REIT INC Financials Equity 5487775.6 0.23
FHN FIRST HORIZON CORP Financials Equity 5280884.32 0.22
AIZ ASSURANT INC Financials Equity 5227749.0 0.22
WAL WESTERN ALLIANCE Financials Equity 5139866.6 0.22
AFG AMERICAN FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 5008232.04 0.21
Y ALLEGHANY CORP Financials Equity 4983169.64 0.21
TW TRADEWEB MARKETS INC CLASS A Financials Equity 4807080.46 0.2
PBCT PEOPLES UNITED FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 4796019.9 0.2
BEN FRANKLIN RESOURCES INC Financials Equity 4734004.32 0.2
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 4623000.0 0.2
CFR CULLEN FROST BANKERS INC Financials Equity 4357887.3 0.18
CBSH COMMERCE BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 4328415.36 0.18
JEF JEFFERIES FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 4272535.02 0.18
RGA REINSURANCE GROUP OF AMERICA INC Financials Equity 4221083.7 0.18
CG CARLYLE GROUP INC Financials Equity 4162393.36 0.18
SF STIFEL FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 4127576.4 0.17
SNV SYNOVUS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 4052639.58 0.17
ORI OLD REPUBLIC INTERNATIONAL CORP Financials Equity 4006441.8 0.17
IVZ INVESCO LTD Financials Equity 3967020.52 0.17
PNFP PINNACLE FINANCIAL PARTNERS INC Financials Equity 3952610.84 0.17
FAF FIRST AMERICAN FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 3930107.5 0.17
BPOP POPULAR INC Financials Equity 3903859.65 0.17
VOYA VOYA FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 3886523.25 0.16
RNR RENAISSANCERE HOLDING LTD Financials Equity 3878020.3 0.16
STWD STARWOOD PROPERTY TRUST REIT INC Financials Equity 3848489.4 0.16
AGNC AGNC INVESTMENT REIT CORP Financials Equity 3836007.75 0.16
PB PROSPERITY BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 3601531.26 0.15
MORN MORNINGSTAR INC Financials Equity 3544384.68 0.15
SEIC SEI INVESTMENTS Financials Equity 3462439.42 0.15
UPST UPSTART HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 3375046.8 0.14
JHG JANUS HENDERSON GROUP PLC Financials Equity 3189648.06 0.13
AMG AFFILIATED MANAGERS GROUP INC Financials Equity 3144577.85 0.13
SLM SLM CORP Financials Equity 3143366.24 0.13
OMF ONEMAIN HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 3134762.5 0.13
UNM UNUM Financials Equity 3129426.3 0.13
OZK BANK OZK Financials Equity 3091663.92 0.13
PACW PACWEST BANCORP Financials Equity 3035618.04 0.13
WTFC WINTRUST FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 3027901.24 0.13
IBKR INTERACTIVE BROKERS GROUP INC CLAS Financials Equity 3014849.88 0.13
PRI PRIMERICA INC Financials Equity 2854945.38 0.12
NYCB NEW YORK COMMUNITY BANCORP INC Financials Equity 2843825.6 0.12
MTG MGIC INVESTMENT CORP Financials Equity 2710166.8 0.11
THG HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP INC Financials Equity 2703044.88 0.11
EVR EVERCORE INC CLASS A Financials Equity 2650387.06 0.11
ERIE ERIE INDEMNITY CLASS A Financials Equity 2552640.1 0.11
NRZ NEW RESIDENTIAL INVESTMENT REIT CO Financials Equity 2499646.11 0.11
FNB FNB CORP Financials Equity 2485019.88 0.11
UMPQ UMPQUA HOLDINGS CORP Financials Equity 2470272.66 0.1
CACC CREDIT ACCEPTANCE CORP Financials Equity 2460708.36 0.1
AXS AXIS CAPITAL HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 2329978.5 0.1
BHF BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 2325654.48 0.1
AGO ASSURED GUARANTY LTD Financials Equity 2128687.4 0.09
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2040892.29 0.09
FHB FIRST HAWAIIAN INC Financials Equity 2029389.45 0.09
LAZ LAZARD LTD CLASS A Financials Equity 1919693.56 0.08
BOH BANK OF HAWAII CORP Financials Equity 1883391.12 0.08
KMPR KEMPER CORP Financials Equity 1742023.18 0.07
WTM WHITE MOUNTAINS INSURANCE GROUP LT Financials Equity 1708268.18 0.07
VIRT VIRTU FINANCIAL INC CLASS A Financials Equity 1706999.81 0.07
BOKF BOK FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 1672141.48 0.07
RKT ROCKET COMPANIES INC CLASS A Financials Equity 878594.68 0.04
MCY MERCURY GENERAL CORP Financials Equity 795868.29 0.03
CNA CNA FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 691022.24 0.03
LMND LEMONADE INC Financials Equity 507768.98 0.02
TFSL TFS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 477794.08 0.02
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL USD SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 461000.0 0.02
UWMC UWM HOLDINGS CORP CLASS A Financials Equity 238498.16 0.01
GOCO GOHEALTH INC CLASS A Financials Equity 71231.68 0.0
IXAH2 EMINI FINANCIAL SELECT SECTOR MAR Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
DJEH2 DOW JONES US REAL ESTATE MAR 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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