ETF constituents for LU0292104899

Below, a list of constituents for LU0292104899 (MSCI Europe Utilities ESG Screened UCITS ETF 1C) is shown. In total, LU0292104899 consists of 29 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-14 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Name ISIN Country Currency Type of Security Rating Primary Listing Industry Classification Weighting
IBERDROLA ES0144580Y14 Spanien EUR Equity Baa1 IBEX 35 Index Utilities 0.1610867207
ENEL IT0003128367 Italien EUR Equity Baa2 FTSE Italia All-Share Index Utilities 0.1551516332
NATIONAL GRID GB00BDR05C01 Großbritannien (UK) GBP Equity - FTSE 100 Index Utilities 0.1080300947
E.ON DE000ENAG999 Deutschland EUR Equity A3 DAX Index Utilities 0.0666640718
ENGIE FR0010208488 Frankreich EUR Equity A1 CAC 40 Index Utilities 0.0645581305
ORSTED A/S DK0060094928 Dänemark DKK Equity - OMX COPENHAGEN 20 Index Utilities 0.0606681056
SSE GB0007908733 Großbritannien (UK) GBP Equity A3 FTSE 100 Index Utilities 0.0541775626
VEOLIA ENV. FR0000124141 Frankreich EUR Equity Baa1 CAC 40 Index Utilities 0.0519961787
FORTUM FI0009007132 Finnland EUR Equity A2 OMX Helsinki Index Utilities 0.0314741494
SNAM IT0003153415 Italien EUR Equity Baa1 FTSE Italia All-Share Index Utilities 0.0272779902
TERNA SPA IT0003242622 Italien EUR Equity Baa1 FTSE Italia All-Share Index Utilities 0.0253383386
UNITED UTILITIES GR. GB00B39J2M42 Großbritannien (UK) GBP Equity - FTSE 100 Index Utilities 0.0228006342
SEVERN TRENT GB00B1FH8J72 Großbritannien (UK) GBP Equity Baa1 FTSE 100 Index Utilities 0.0220447246
RED ELECTRICA CORP ES0173093024 Spanien EUR Equity - IBEX 35 Index Utilities 0.0209118744
SUEZ ENVIRONMENT FR0010613471 Frankreich EUR Equity A3 CAC 40 Index Utilities 0.0185979353
EDP RENOVAVEIS S.A. ES0127797019 Spanien EUR Equity B1 PSI 20 Index Utilities 0.0175621445
ENDESA ES0130670112 Spanien EUR Equity Baa2 IBEX 35 Index Utilities 0.0165219851
VERBUND AT0000746409 Österreich EUR Equity Baa1 Austrian Traded Index Utilities 0.0161109592
EDF-ELECTR. DE FR. FR0010242511 Frankreich EUR Equity Aa3 CAC 40 Index Utilities 0.0154522446
ENAGAS ES0130960018 Spanien EUR Equity Baa2 IBEX 35 Index Utilities 0.0133643743
GAS NATURAL SDG ES0116870314 Spanien EUR Equity Baa2 IBEX 35 Index Utilities 0.0117991535
UNIPER DE000UNSE018 Deutschland EUR Equity - DAX Index Utilities 0.0095592426
ELIA SYSTEM OP. BE0003822393 Belgien EUR Equity A3 BEL 20 Index Utilities 0.0084541044
EURO CURRENCY _CURRENCYEUR - EUR Cash - - unknown 0.0002942873
POUND STERLING _CURRENCYGBP Großbritannien (UK) GBP Cash - - unknown 5.4647e-05
DANISH KRONE _CURRENCYDKK Dänemark DKK Cash - - unknown 2.23998e-05
JAPANESE YEN _CURRENCYJPY Japan JPY Cash - - unknown 1.36654e-05
SWEDISH KRONA _CURRENCYSEK Schweden SEK Cash - - unknown 1.22203e-05
US DOLLAR _CURRENCYUSD Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika USD Cash - - unknown 4.262e-07