Refer and earn

step #1

Invite friends with your referral link

step #2

People sign up with your link

step #3

Get paid for active users and premium signups


How does it work?
Send the signup link to a friend. If your friend signs up on alphalerts and uses the service (runs 1000 number of queries in total or just looks non-fake and rather active to us), or buys a subscription of any level (basic/pro/biz), you will respectively get $1 or $15.
How much do I get paid?
You will get paid $1 for an active user (1000 query runs or just looks non-fake and rather active to us) and $15 for a user who purchases a basic/pro/biz account.
How many friends can I refer right now?
Right now, you can refer at most 10 friends.
Do the referral links expire?
No, they do not expire.
How will I get paid?
At this point, we will personally contact you on your registration E-Mail address and ask for your payment information. We support direct bank deposits in Europe for free, but if you are outside of Europe, you will have to refer at least 2 friends ($2) before getting payment due to the large fees. We also support Paypal.
Can I refer more than 10 friends?
You may become a registered partner with us, after you have referred 3 active members that are not fake. At that point, we are open to negotiate a new rate for you.
Will you check whether the referred friends are fake?
Yes, we will.
When will I get paid?
If your friend uses the service actively, we will get back to you in 3 days. If your friend is not really active, it may take up to two weeks for us to check whether they are fake.
Will I really get paid?
We take this extremely serious. You will get paid for sure if your friends are not fake / bots.